How to become an IT Engineer

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Completing a formal education is the first step toward becoming an IT Engineer. Entry-level positions usually require a bachelor’s degree in IT Engineering or related fields such as Computer Engineering (hardware development), Computer Science (software development), or Information Technology (maintenance of information systems). The undergraduate degree should include courses in computer programming, software engineering, communication technologies, and computer networking. Trainings in technical writing and modern approaches to software development are also a plus.


Higher-level positions in IT engineering typically requires a master’s or doctorate degree in engineering or information technology.


Aside from advanced studies, IT Engineers also pursue advanced certifications in hardware or software systems offered by software companies or vendors of products and services to benchmark skills for a prospective employer or advance in the company. Popular certifications include Microsoft Systems Administration (MCSA), Cisco Network (Wireless and Voice), Project Management, and VM Ware.


Additionally, membership in a professional organizations like the IEEE Computer Society and the International Association of Computer Science and Information Technology can provide access to professional networking opportunities and continuing education programs.